How to stop your in-house video production becoming
the project from hell.

Produce your video with ease, on time, and within budget.

If you are a member of a marketing team tasked with producing content marketing videos or video blogs in-house, this course helps you save a lot of headaches.
We should know. We produced such programs for corporate clients in Singapore and Malaysia for more than a decade, and have compiled all our learnings in this blended learning course.
Chances are, you might have already had some bad experiences, which resulted in the production overrunning in cost or time, or you just don't know where to start.
Whether you are engaging an external video production company or producing the video in-house, learn from the experience of other marketers in Southeast Asia.

Get on the fast-track to producing video content frequently, and without fuss.

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Course outcomes

As a result of attending this course, you will:

• Get more likes, shares and comments

• Have your videos approved by management faster

• Save money by working more efficiently

• Complete your video project faster, by getting it right the first time

• Save time by reducing avoidable re-shoots, re-edits

• Enjoy producing videos in-house, with less frustration

Blended learning course

The "Video Savvy - Express course for marketers producing video" consists of the following elements:

1. Video lectures

Sign up for the course on the Udemy. It is self-contained and already offers a lot of time- and money-savings pointers.

There are six (6) lectures of an average five (5) minutes duration, and several bonus videos.

2. Online tests

Test your understanding immediately after each video lecture, with an online multiple choice quiz of about five (5) questions.

In addition, we provide an actionable template you can use to apply your learnings straight away to your next video production.

3. Practical course in our TV studios

Optionally, sign up for the separate practical one- and two-day workshops at our TV studios in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Ask us NOW when the next course will be held.


Media skills & executive presence

We prepare business leaders for any and all media interviews: Print, broadcast, online, blogger, social.

In an era of unforgiving audiences, aggressive reporters, alternative facts and fake news, you need the skills and confidence to win.

Our workshops emphasise practise. If you can survive a practise interview with Mark, you can survive any media interview.

Ready for the Roadshow

In exclusive collaboration with former Singapore Exchange CFO, Mr Robert van Zwieten, we get you ready to face the analysts at your earnings briefing, retail investors at your Annual General Meeting, and fund managers on your post-earnings roadshow.
We have worked with listed companies for years to ensure smooth AGMs and successful capital raisings.

Lights, camera, webcast

Make the most of your investment in live webcasts with contemporary new media skills.
We not only provide the technical experise to webcast live, we also ensure your presenters retain audience attention and achieve their business outcomes.

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与国外媒体打交道的困难。您领导中国大陆一家很成功的公司,如今该公司要开拓海外市场。这是机遇也是挑战:您可能很熟悉中国的媒体,但其他国家的媒体会非常不同。咄咄逼人的记者抛出刁钻的问题,对您的回答提出质疑;采访结束,文章直接发表,不给您过目的机会。 我们为您领路,让您从容自信应对国外媒体。