We offer fresh ways to help you improve your media skills and to develop your executive presence.

Senior business leaders know they must perform well on camera and in front of live audiences. But they want to be coached by someone who understands their industry-specific business needs and their unique communications challenges.

Led by former CNBC presenter Mark Laudi, our team coaches and mentors senior leaders on their terms. From one-hour refreshers to multi-day mentorships, we provide the right balance of actionable concepts and the most thorough on-camera practise.

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Asian corporate chiefs talk about the importance of being media savvy

Tan Tong Hai
StarHub Limited

Peter Choo
Vice Chairman
CNMC Goldmine Holdings

Jessica Tan
then-Managing Director
Microsoft Singapore

Kenny Yap
Managing Director
Qian Hu Corporation

Specialised workshops, unique approach

green screen studios

Our own studios

We operate our own training facilities and TV studios. In Singapore, we are within walking distance of Raffles Place and Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC). In Kuala Lumpur, we are a short taxi ride from KLCC.

media training

Practice-oriented, customised workshops

Practise your interview technique with ex-CNBC presenter Mark Laudi, and be ready for any interview.

Your focus is our focus. You determine where the emphasis of the workshop lies.

live webcasting

Flexible number of participants

We set no limit on the minimum or maximum number of participants.

live webcasting

Flexible duration

Our workshops range from 1 hour refreshers to multi-day mentorships.

live webcasting

Receive training and a production

At the end of your workshop, we offer you a professionally-produced video for your YouTube channel or LinkedIn profile you can use straight away.

Executive presence

Ongoing support after the workshop

We provide each participant a unique tablet/smart phone friendly online guide with individual feedback and personalised resources, so you always have a media mentor in your pocket.

Our Most Popular Workshops


media training

Media Savvy

We prepare business leaders for any and all media interviews: Print, broadcast, online, blogger, social.

In an era of unforgiving audiences, aggressive reporters, alternative facts and fake news, you need the skills and confidence to win.

Our workshops emphasise practise. If you can survive a practise interview with Mark, you can survive any media interview.


executive presence

Confidence, Not Apprehension

Present to any audience confidently and persuasively: Live webcasts, town hall meetings, board presentations, TED talks.

Remain cool in high-pressure situations. Be perceived as a statesman in all public speaking environments. Have a commanding executive presence that audiences respect.

Crisis communications

Crisis communications

In exclusive collaboration with former VP of Corporate Communications at SMRT, Mr Patrick Nathan, we help you shore up consumer and investor confidence, repair your reputation, and allow your brand to survive and thrive.
Our crisis communications workshops are strong on real-life scenarios, to ensure your Senior Leadership Team is ready for anything.


Ready for the Roadshow

In exclusive collaboration with former Singapore Exchange CFO, Mr Robert van Zwieten, we get you ready to face the analysts at your earnings briefing, retail investors at your Annual General Meeting, and fund managers on your post-earnings roadshow.
We have worked with listed companies for years to ensure smooth AGMs and successful capital raisings.

Media Training for companies from the Chinese mainland

自信应对一带一路国家的陌生媒体. 媒体技巧和高管风度

与国外媒体打交道的困难。您领导中国大陆一家很成功的公司,如今该公司要开拓海外市场。这是机遇也是挑战:您可能很熟悉中国的媒体,但其他国家的媒体会非常不同。咄咄逼人的记者抛出刁钻的问题,对您的回答提出质疑;采访结束,文章直接发表,不给您过目的机会。 我们为您领路,让您从容自信应对国外媒体。

Live webcast

Lights, camera, webcast

Make the most of your investment in live webcasts with contemporary new media skills.
We not only provide the technical experise to webcast live, we also ensure your presenters retain audience attention and achieve their business outcomes.

Doorstop interview


You understand the importance of practise.
Test experienced media performers in your organisation with an impromptu door-stop interview at your office. Interview 10 minutes, feedback/review 20 minutes.
Book "Dial-a-doorstop" directly below.

Presentation skills for future leaders

Presentation skills for future leaders

For MBA students and future business leaders, we offer our proprietary hybrid online/practical course.

"Why don't you show your clients' logos on your website?"
Our media training participants are the most senior of business and government leaders.
We take their privacy very seriously, and so we do not place the logos of our clients on our website.
However, our clients have kindly agreed to make themselves available as referees upon request.

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