Digital is transforming events.
Maximise the opportunity with eventv (=event television)

You are staging an expo, conference, seminar, internal sales kick-off or partner summit. You know you need to generate as much RoI as possible, and that means leveraging all the tools at your disposal.

In this age of digital transformation, there are many new but proven ways to achieve this.

We help you use all communications tools at your disposal to:

  1. Sell higher-value sponsorship packages
  2. Attract big name exhibitors
  3. Dramatically increase visitor numbers
  4. Generate new revenue streams
  5. Build keen interest in your next event

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What we do

How we do it

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Generate a year's worth of RoI from a 1-day event

increase delegate registrations


Generating value starts long before your event takes place.

Our pre-event programs increase delegate registrations, exhibition space take-up, and sponsorship revenue.

record event interviews


Once your event is underway, we ensure the world knows about it through live or recorded coverage which complements your event.

Generate a return on your event, even from audiences which didn't attend.

content distribution


Once your event is over, we ensure you continue to generate a return from it - all the way to your next event.

We achieve this with the types of content we produce, and the distribution channels we use.

Here's how we do it

Live webcast

Live and recorded webcasts

Take your event to new audiences all around the world, without cannibalising delegate numbers.

We reach those people who would otherwise have never have known about it.

Pay Per View


Generate revenue from your valuable content by making it available through our secure, market-proven pay-per-view channels.

Best of all, you can let your paid-up delegates watch for free.

Video to Value


You’ve held an event. You recorded your plenary or break-out sessions. Now you have the raw files, but you don’t have the time or resources to review them, let alone package them into valuable videos.

Send them to us, and we will create relevant, valuable, credible programs for you that generate a return on investment.

Click here to turn your video into value.



There are many channels craving for your content.

We will help you reach your target audience in a cost-effective way that continues to generate a return long after your event is over.

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