Be confident in dealing with unfamiliar media in BRI countries
Media skills and executive presence

The problem with foreign media
You lead a successful company on the Chinese mainland - now you are expanding abroad. But with the opportunity comes risk: while you are familiar with Chinese media, the media in other countries is very different. Journalists are aggressive and ask difficult questions.

They challenge your answers. And after the interview they don't allow you to review their article before it is published.

Trust us to show you the way, to ensure you can be confident in dealing with foreign media.

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How we can help?

Effective media relations in foreign countries is critical to:

  • Winning the hearts and minds of local communities and businesses
  • Receiving business approvals from local authorities
  • Retaining government support
  • Branding and selling

Our "Media Savvy" media and communications workshops get you ready to face foreign media by helping you:

  • Understand how they work
  • Know what to say and when
  • Speak persuasively
  • Use body language to make the right impression
  • Use your voice to ensure your message gets through
  • Know how to win them over so they write positively about you
  • Deal effectively with aggressive interviewers
  • Speak to them with confidence


Customised programs

The course content is tailored to your specific needs,based on your unique circumstances and requirements

Ongoing support

We offer follow up coaching and mentoring. Participants gets personalised feedback and a smart phone/tablet friendly portal to help prepare for the next presentation or interview

Media outreach

We can help put you in touch with media in the countries where you are expanding.


You control the length of the course

Our specialised courses designed for business leaders from the Chinese mainland.

Interacting with foreign media

Many Chinese business leaders take on high-level corporate positions, which requires them to speak to government officials, customers, suppliers, staff and the wider community.

This course helps you be:

  • Confident to address any foreign audience
  • Comfortable in foreign media interviews
  • Influential and persuasive
  • On top of high-pressure situations, such as aggressive foreign media interviews
  • Charismatic and have a commanding presence

Local stakeholder communications.

You have identified business opportunities abroad, and now wish to pursue them. You need to find the right staff and manage them, negotiate lease and other business agreements

This course helps you be:

  • Face your foreign stakeholders with confidence
  • Build trust and credibility in the local community in which you operate
  • Generate awareness of the positive influence you are having on the local community
  • Develop positive relationships with the foreign media
  • Overcome fear of public speaking and stage fright.


There are good reasons why our clients frequently recommend us:


Participants get hands-on experience, which they are able to apply straight away.

Customised workshops

Your focus is our focus. You determine where the emphasis of the workshop lies

Flexible number of participants

We set no limit on the minimum and maximum number of participants.

Flexible duration

Our workshops range from 1 hour refresher to multi-day mentorships.

Genuine television experience

You have the opportunity to practise your media skills in front of a camera

Receive training and a production

At the end of your workshop, we offer you a professionally-produced video for your YouTube Channel or LinkedIn profile you can use straightaway.

Who is Hong Bao Media?

A new generation of communication services for a new era of communications. The world is changing dramatically, and so is the way companies communicate. Hong Bao Media is there with you, behind and in front of the camera. We are your Integrated Commucations partner for contemporary media and business communication services.

We coach and mentor senior business leaders in media skills for traditional and new media interviews,live webcasts, conference keynots and panel discussions, as well as crisis communications and new media skills. We produce LIVE webcasts and recorded video news programs to meet sophisticated business communications needs.

We produce short and punchy video blogs, and newsy B2B content marketing programs. We operate the only green screen studio and integrated training facility in Singapore's financial district. We produce LIVE and recorded news programs at your conference or expo. And we turn your existing video recordings into valuable content.

Hong Bao Media was established by Mark Laudi, an award-winning journalist. His international credentials include an accomplished career as current affairs presenter on Australian Broadcasting Corp Radio and Singapore's 938LIVE and Sydney Bureau Chief for CNBC. Mark is a sought-after conference anchor and emcee.